(VIDEO) Yolanda Castillo from Chicago Garifuna Restaurant GARIFUNA FLAVA Shows How To Make Hudut Baruru With Tikini

GARIFUNA FLAVA Restaurant In Chicago

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Came across this short clip the other day and felt I should share it with you.  In it, Yolanda Castillo from Chicago Garifuna

Restaurant GARIFUNA FLAVA shows viewers how she makes Garifuna dish, hudutu baruru with tikini.  Check out the food processor used to make  hudutu!!!

Usually there’s a painstaking process used to make hudutu.  Usually a green plantain bananas are put into a hana (mortar) and a wooden pole mashes/pounds the green plantain bananas together.  However, here this small machine does the same job EASILY and  QUICKLY!

Amazing.  Aaaaaaaaahhh, technology.

Here is an accompanying article on the Chicago Garifuna Restaurant, GARIFUNA FLAVA.  It is from August of 2009.

Here’s a review of the GARIFUNA FLAVA restaurant in Chicago.  The review includes a video report.

Here’s another review of the GARIFUNA FLAVA restaurant in Chicago.

The address for GARIFUNA FLAVA is:

2518 W. 63rd Street

Chicago, IL  60629

Phone: (770) 776-7440

Hours of Operation:  Sun & Tue-Thu 11am-8pm, Fri-Sat 11am-2am

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–Tio Teo

  • http://www.apalacioexchange.com/garifuna.htm Angela Palacio

    Teo you did it again. This is great. Thanks very much for sharing this video clip. Yolanda Castillo I love this presentation. Thanks for continuing to preserve our culture. I wish you continued success with Garifuna Flava.

    • http://beinggarifuna.wordpress.com beinggarifuna

      Thanks so much for writing about this post on Yolanda Castillo, The Garifuna Flava Restaurant and this video clip on making hudutu, ANGELA PALACIO!

      Actually this clip has been available for a few months now, i just happened to come across it the other day (Last Friday?). This video clip goes along with the Chicago newspaper article on Chicago Garifuna Restaurant, GARIFUNA FLAVA. I read the article last August but did not know that a video clip came with it. Glad I found it a few days ago.

      –Tio Teo