• Boriwex Laboy

    I’d like to know where to purchase Suazo’s new Garifuna – Spanish dictionary.

    • http://www.beinggarifuna.com Tio Teo

      Seremein lun babürühaña, Boriwex Laboy. (“Thank You for writing, Boriwex Laboy” in the Garifuna Language). Salvador Suazo’s Garifuna – Spanish Dictionary is currently only available in Honduras for 600 Lempiras (approximately $35 US). I am trying to purchase a copy myself but it’s been tricky. Get in touch with Mr. Suazo by way of his Facebook profile and see what you can work out. http://es-la.facebook.com/salsuazo or https://www.facebook.com/salsuazo or http://www.facebook.com/salsuazo Sadly, his website is currently down.

      Au Le,
      Teofilo Colon Jr.