Garifuna Flag Order of Colors?


Being Garifuna


Note the flag under the words BEING GARIFUNA.  Well, most flags that you see that represent the garifuna nation have three colors (stripes) and usually the yellow stripe is up top, the white stripe is in the middle, and the black stripe is on the bottom.

I have been told that that is incorrect, apparently, the CORRECT version of the flag has the black stripe on top, the white stripe in the middle, and the yellow stripe on the bottom.  Hence, the flag you see in the image above.

If I can get certification on the CORRECT flag, I will be happy to post it.

-Tio Teo

4 thoughts on “Garifuna Flag Order of Colors?

  1. i heard the samething about the flag , about the black being on top but i’ve never seen anyone with the flag like that in any garifuna celebration. even when u see videos on youtube the yellow is at the top. i always firgured that the yellow was at the top because the meaning of the colors. yellow(hope),white(peace) and black(death and suffering), i always thought it would be weird to have black at the top if it means death and suffering.

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