Garifuna Artist MALI CAYETANO Releases Book For Children Called, "We Are Free"

Garifuna Artist MALI CAYETANO

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On April 30th, 2010 an intriguing exhibit opened at the Image Factory in Belize.

Garifuna artist MALI CAYETANO (daughter of PEN and INGRID CAYETANO) released a new children’s book entitled “We Are Free”.  Through illustrations, the book traces the journey of Garinagu from their origins in Africa to their eventual arrival in Belize.


The exhibit features illustrations from the book, painted calabash, T-shirts and postcards by Mali Cayetano–which were inspired by the artwork in the book.

“We Are Made” was made for an exam in a graphics design course Mali Cayetano took in Germany, where she grew up.  This children’s book is a collaboration with Mali’s mother Ingrid Cayetano.  “We Are Free” is written in German with some Garifuna words incorporated.  It is still being prepared for mass publication.

The “We Are Free” children’s book exhibit will be at the Image Factory until May 28th, 2010.

Here are two articles on the Image Factory exhibit on “We Are Free”.

Article One on Mali Cayetano’s book, WE ARE FREE.

Article Two on Mali Cayetano’s book, WE ARE FREE.

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–Tio Teo

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