Garifuna American DILMA SUAZO Profiled by The New York Times Newspaper in January 2012

Garifuna American DILMA SUAZO being interviewed by The New York Times - January 2012

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Brooklyn, New York — The New York Times profiled Dilma Suazo and her  Family in Brooklyn for a video segment on Garifuna People.

Garifuna American Dilma Suazo Profiled in The New York Times - January 2012


Titled “Being Garifuna” and produced by Matthew Orr and Vijai Singh, the profile goes into issues of identity and how Garinagu wrestle with it in light of the racial mix of Garinagu, particularly during the 2010 Census.

Garifuna Americans Dilma Suazo, her brother Angel Suazo, Yessenia Martinez as well as Jose Francisco Avila were interviewed in this short piece.  There is also footage from the 2011 Miss Garifuna Cultural Pageant as well as footage of the Suazo family at their home in Brooklyn.

Click on this New York Times link to view this insightful video on Garifuna People and Garifuna Identity in New York City.  The video is in English.

Garifuna People or Garinagu in The New York Times website.

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Garifuna DILMA SUAZO perfilada por el Periodico del New York Times en enero de 2012


Garifuna DILMA SUAZO ser entrevistado por el New York Times - enero 2012

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Brooklyn, New York – The New York Times perfil Dilma Suazo y su familia en Brooklyn para un segmento de vídeo en pueblo garífuna.

Garifuna Americana Dilma Suazo perfilada en el New York Times - enero 2012

Bajo el título “Siendo Garifuna” o “Ser Garifuna” y producida por Matthew Orr y Vijai Singh, el perfil entra en cuestiones de identidad y cómo Garinagu luchar con ella a la luz de la mezcla racial de Garinagu, en particular durante el Censo del 2010.

Dilma estadounidenses garífuna Suazo, su hermano Ángel Suazo, Martínez Yessenia, así como José Francisco Avila fueron entrevistados en esta breve pieza. También hay imágenes de el concurso de Miss Garifuna 2011 Cultural, así como imágenes de la familia Suazo en su casa en Brooklyn.

Haga clic en este enlace de Nueva York Times para ver este vídeo profunda sobre los garífunas y la identidad garífuna en Nueva York . El vídeo está en Inglés.

Garinagu en el New York Times sitio web.

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3 thoughts on “Garifuna American DILMA SUAZO Profiled by The New York Times Newspaper in January 2012

  1. I like this profile a lot, I can totally relate to the “other…Garifuna” I have been doing this for a long time, filling out paper work, applications, going to auditions, I first did it to create conversation and share my culture or history and then to identify myself as a person of a complex background. I was inspired by the article on the Times in so many levels. Thank You Dilma, your interview was way overdue and you did an amazing job!!!
    Isha Sumner

    • Isha,
      I’m sorry it has taken me this long, to even get to read your comment. I understand exactly where you are coming from and I truly appreciate you and the time you took to even watch the video. I did it for my culture and to help spread the word on who we really are without hiding behind a false background. I am a true Garifuna and I will continue to walk with my head up until the world knows who we are.

      Dilma Suazo

      • Seremein luagu babürüha (“Thank you for writing” in the Garifuna Language), Dilma Suazo. Congratulations to you and your family on being featured in this NY Times piece on the Garifuna ethnic group. Gundatina bou!

        Teofilo Colon Jr.

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