One thought on “Garifuna In Peril-November 2012

  1. Greetings, my beloved bretheren’s, first and foremost, haplessly, I didn’t present myself (at the screening) as I am culturally an Africancentric activist. However, wholeheartedly, I’d like to congratulate the Garifuna community (and the Ancestors) for being able to present the movie screening, “Garifuna in Perils,” to some of the non-African descendant audience in the audience, in which it illustrated the on-going struggle of teaching & keeping an independent language of creative African descendants to help maintain an autonomy attitude from European cultural indoctrination. However, as African descendant born in the Caribbean, not in latin America or in the West Indies, and who one holds and extol his/OUR Africanness to a lofty standard especially in this society, I became and was, throughout the movie, a bit crestfallen due to that since, I’m an Africantric Cultural Nationalist activist, I witnessed very little (if any), mentioned of the Motherland traditions and the contribution that led the escaped Africans (from the Spaniards slave traders) contribute in creating a way of life in your adopted land, called, Honduras. It should of been mentioned of some tradition and skills that was /and is owed from OUR SEED—the Motherland., Africa. etc., Perhaps, for the future as well as now in the present, your group/community of African descendants known as ‘the Garifunas” (not Hispanic or Latin–Latino/latinas), would benefit more, be appreciated, if the Garifunas make their presences felt among (and vice-a-versa) the African American & African Cariibbean commu7nity. In this form and manner, we, as African descendants, can make a louder noise in this Judeo-European Christian country, respect our presences!

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