Garifuna Singer Musician YOUNG GARI To Host New Album Release Party As Well as Waruguma Crew Reunion Party on FRIDAY April 6th 2012 in the Bronx

Flyer for Young Gari Album Release/Waruguma Crew Reunion Party in The Bronx on Saturday March 10th 2012

Copyright 2012 by Teofilo Colon Jr.  (a.k.a. “Tio Teo” or “Teofilo Campeon”)  All Rights Reserved.

Bronx, New York — I just finished an hour long instant message correspondence with veteran Garifuna Singer Musician YOUNG GARI as he excitedly told me about a special event he is currently planning.  That is, a  release party for his new album Mi Musica Mi Cultura Garifuna.  This party will also serve as a reunion party for the Waruguma Crew, A Garifuna Band Young Gari was a member of years ago.

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Garifuna Musicians To Perform at Holiday Weekend Party on Saturday July 3rd, 2010 in The Bronx

HMP Family Independence Weekend Bash Flyer

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Another option is available for Garinagu in New York City during this Holiday Weekend.

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Garifuna-American Promoter BAMBA to Host Cookout in Harlem and AfterParty in The Bronx on Sunday July 4th, 2010

July 4th Cookout and AfterParty Flyer

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Garinagu in New York City have many choices as far as their entertainment options go this holiday weekend in New York City.  Garifuna-American Promoter BAMBA and Promoting Team

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Garifuna Musicians To Perform at 2010 Belize Fest in Brooklyn on Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

2010 Belize Fest In Brooklyn Flyer

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Garinagu in New York City have many options when it comes to events and parties happening during the July 4th Holiday Weekend.  Here is one taking place in Brooklyn.

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INTERVIEW with Garifuna Party Promoter Jackeline 'Jackie-O' Flores (FEB 2010)-ENTREVISTA con Promotor De Partidos Garifuna Jackeline 'Jackie-O' Flores (FEBRERO 2010)

Copyright 2010 by Teofilo Colon Jr

Interview with Jackie Flores — SUN 2/14/10   Nemos Seafood Place

Garifuna Party Promoter JACKELINE FLORES

I am particularly sensitive to the plight of entrepreneurs.  People who, inspired by their own ideas (and dreams of a bigger payday to say the least), risk their money on some legal venture. In light of recent controversies of Garifuna bands getting disrespected or mishandled at certain gigs in New York City, I thought it might be helpful to chat with a promoter and try to get some perspective on what it takes to promote and profit on a Garifuna party. There is NEVER an excuse for a promoter behaving badly but I am hoping that Garifuna musicians/artists reading this will come to a better understanding as to the promoter’s point-of-view and that that will help prevent future drama at upcoming gigs.

We can all learn a little something from this interview.  Having a clear understanding as to what a promoter needs and wants from a band (HINT: It is NOT just about money in many cases) might help bands as they prepare and hone their act for future shows and also let patrons understand why certain things happen at clubs (like police raids).

Below is an interview with Jackeline “Jackie-O” Flores.  A young Garifuna-American Party Promoter.  In late Fall of 2009, she got in touch with me through Facebook regarding hiring me to take photos at a party that she was planning.  Knowing of my outreach to the Garinagu community on Facebook, she had a VERY strong interest in having me help her document and show just what the Garifuna community in her part of the country is like.

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(Part 2) First Annual Central American Night Out 2K10-Boston, MA-(SAT, Feb 27, 2010)

Here are the rest of the photos from The Central American Nightout 2K10.  Promoted by Garifuna-American Jackeline ‘Jackie-O’ Flores and Panamanian DJ Damir.  It took place on Saturday, Feb 27, 2010 at KAYS OASIS.

This post will feature photos of the performances by Garifuna Band, FERNANDEZ BAND and Panamanian Singer/Rapper/Raggaeton Artist EL ALMIRANTE

NOTE:  As far as I know, EL ALMIRANTE is not Garifuna, but in his rousing performance he constantly made reference to Honduran countrymen and women and even shouted-out Garifuna singer SHABAKAN and Garifuna Raggaeton Singer/Artist YANKEE.

To see the photos click below.

-Tio Teo

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(Part 1) First Annual Central American Night Out 2K10-Boston, MA- (SAT, Feb 27, 2010)

Copyright 2010 by Teofilo Colon Jr.  All Rights Reserved.

In the fall of 2009, I was approached by a Boston Garifuna Promoter on Facebook inquiring about my availabilty to take a photos at a party this promoter was co-promoting in Boston.

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Check out these photos


COCOMAN performing with band LEGACY GIFTED


Big Party over at Bronx Nightclub Rincon Latino.

FERNANDEZ BAND, LEGACY GIFTED and COCOMAN.  More photos below.  Also check out the BEING GARIFUNA page on Facebook to see the over 160 photos from this party

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PHOTOS Honduran/Central American Day Festival/Concert at Crotona Park in the Bronx, NY (Sept 2009)

This post features photos from the POST International Honduran and Central American Parade Celebration/Festival/Concert.

As always, if you would like to see more, check out the photos in the Facebook page BEING GARIFUNA.

-Tio Teo

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