NY Daily News Article Warns That The NEW YORK CITY Screening of GARIFUNA IN PERIL Film Is In Danger of Being CANCELLED



in a scene from the Garifuna In Peril film, Ricardo (left) and his family gather to watch plantain being mashed to make hudutu – a traditional Garifuna stew made from fish, coconut milk and plantains.  Photo courtesy of Aban Productions.

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New York, NY:  In a stunning turn of events, The New York Daily News reported that the Potential NYC Screening of GARIFUNA IN PERIL is in danger of being CANCELLED if advance ticket sales do not meet the required threshold required to confirm the screening. Continue reading

Afri-Garifuna Jazz Ensemble To Host Fundraiser Concert On February 25th 2012 at BIKO Center in Brooklyn

The Afri-Garifuna Jazz Ensemble -- Photo by Teofilo Colon Jr. (a.k.a. "Tio Teo" or "Teofilo Campeon")

Copyright 2012 by Teofilo Colon Jr.  (a.k.a. “Tio Teo” or “Teofilo Campeon”)  All Rights Reserved.

Brooklyn, New York  — The New York Daily News reported that The Afri-Garifuna Jazz Ensemble will be hosting a Fundraiser Concert at The BIKO Center in Brooklyn on SATURDAY February 25th 2012.

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