(Review) GARIFUNA NATION Documentary by Carlos De Jesus


Garifuna Women Marlene Castillo and Marjorie Casimiro of The Sandy Beach Women’s Cooperative (Sandy Beach Lodge) in Hopkins, Belize; hold up a version of the Garifuna Flag in the Carlos De Jesus documentary, GARIFUNA NATION. Image courtesy of Carlos Productions

Copyright 2012 by Teofilo Colon Jr.  (a.k.a. “Tio Teo” or “Teofilo Campeon”)  All Rights Reserved.

New York City — New York University Associate Professor of Film and Television, Carlos De Jesus has been screening his latest effort, a documentary about the Garifuna ethnic group called GARIFUNA NATION.  Ten years in the making and filled with multiple perspectives, this stirring work is an insightful investigation of contemporary life as a Garifuna.

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ODECO Organization Participates in St. Vincent and The Grenadines International Garifuna Conference

Drumming at International Garifuna Conference in St. Vincent & The Grenadines. Photo courtesy of ODECO

Copyright 2012 by Teofilo Colon Jr.

Kingstown, St. Vincent and The Grenadines — Honduran NGO (Non-Goverment Organization) ODECO announced that they took part in the International Garifuna Conference organized by The Garifuna Heritage Foundation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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Garifuna Activist MIRIAM TIFRE Passed Away on TUESDAY January 10th 2012

Garifuna Activist MIRIAM TIFRE

Photo courtesy of ODECO (Organización de Desarollo Étnico Comunitario).   All Rights Reserved.

Copyright 2012 by Teofilo Colon Jr. (a.k.a. “Tio Teo” or “Teofilo Campeon”)  All Rights Reserved.

Honduras, Central America — Beinggarifuna.com regrets to inform readers that Garifuna Activist passed away on Tuesday January 10th 2012 in Honduras.

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Garifuna American Scientist ISIDRA SABIO To Receive a 2011 BARAUDA AWARD on Saturday October 1st 2011

Garifuna American ISIDRA SABIO - Photo by Teofilo Colon Jr.

Copyright 2011 by Teofilo Colon Jr.  (a.k.a. “Tio Teo” or “Teofilo Campeon”)  All Rights Reserved.

Bronx, New York — Research Scientist ISIDRA SABIO will be presented with a 2011 Barauda Award on Saturday October 1st 2011 in New York City.  The Barauda Awards honors Women of Garifuna Descent for their achievements.

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(VIDEO) Afro-Descendant Organization ODECO on Garifuna History and Garifuna Culture

Afro-Descendant Organization ODECO

Copyright 2011 by Teofilo Colon Jr. (a.k.a. “Tio Teo” or “Teofilo Campeon”)

Honduras , Central America — I had come across this a few months back but hadn’t gotten to post it here.  Below you can find two video clips of a small documentary made in 2007 by Afro-Descendant Organization ODECO on the History and Culture of The Garifuna People. The Video clips are in Spanish and Garifuna.

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Miss Honduras 2001-2002 Erika Lizet Ramirez and Pageant Discrimination Case

Erika Lizet Ramirez -- Miss Honduras

Here are two articles by journalist Karen Juanita Carrillo on former Miss Honduras Erika Lizet Ramirez and the discrimination she faced from Pageant Officials When She Won The Miss Honduras Crown in 2001.  A lawsuit was filed and these articles follow what happened.

Article 1 on Erika Lizet Ramirez-Miss Honduras 2001

Article 2 on Erika Lizet Ramirez-Miss Honduras 2001

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